Friday, May 3, 2013

To knit is a pleasure.

When it comes to knit, we find large and wonderful surprises.

From grandmothers, mothers, daughters, granddaughters and also many males who also enjoy to knit.

One of the loveliest pleasure is too see a work made without own hands.

It is hard to explain how proud you feel when you finished your cloth.

Be enjoying over and over again with a clear feeling that the next challenge will be more complicated, harder but more exciting!

The pleasure of knitting gives us the opportunity   to put on a clothing across a wide range of creativity to express our ideas in a range of colors and shapes as they do in the time make this time stop and we can play and have fun with our own creations from stress and its consequences.

I created this blog, where you could exchange ideas, experiences and knowledge of this wonderful world of knitting.

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